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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Our Kickstarter campaign launched on November 20th, just as the Mitten State froze, and thoughts of Cali sunshine warmed my hopes and heart. At the time of our launch we had a following of just under 25,000 on Facebook, just over 400 on Twitter, 800 on one Instagram account, 3,000 on the other. Thus far we’ve had articles written on our campaign by Concert Blogger, Spread The Glove, EDM Arena, and Santa Cruz Waives. Tomorrow I will drive two hours to Grand Rapids, to interview with Fox 17 about our campaign. I have also been contacted by MLive for an interview which I hope to schedule soon.

We have received support on Twitter from some of our favorite bands: Nahko & Medicine for the People, Possessed By Paul James, Ben Sollee, Geographer, and The Alternate Routes. Other prominent individuals who have given us love on Twitter include: IndyCar Driver Graham Rahal, founder of #besomebody Kash Shaikh, Slim from Mojo in the Morning on 955, Liza Fromer, Host of The Morning Show Global TV in Toronto, The Evolutionary Business Council, and personal friend and humanitarian, Jessep Magoon.


It is 7:26 on Day 3, and we have raised $436.00 with the help of 20 backers. We have a strong average per pledge, and despite my tendency to scrutinize the frequency which we receive pledges, the pieces of the puzzle feel like they are coming together for an incredible Kickstarter ride. What we offer the world is truly unique to our brand and mission, as a result, the network we have created around the world gives us a fighting chance to really exceed expectations with our campaign, and demonstrate the value we offer, and relief we provide. My favorite part of this adventure so far, are the daily video updates we provide. Shortly I will be making our third update, and will include my friends who are gathering for a feast from the Food Whisperer, Badger. We hope that our wonderful energy shines through our smiles, serving as a beacon of our love for one another, and the world.

Please continue to enjoy our updates, and be an advocate for our campaign if you have felt the love of which I speak.

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