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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

“I call this an amazing life we’re all living.” Possessed By Paul James

It’s sweet and bitter, constantly felt and occasionally understood. The foundation of gratitude exists in the tendency to count and recognize little blessings, day to day. Dreamers struggle with this; most struggle with blinking long enough to see the present good before the elusive, greater good. Flexibility is essential to our function as human beings. We must bend and adjust despite its discomfort at times, to ensure we do not shatter into pieces along the way. No matter how difficult it is to accept, the painful, sometimes miserable variables experience insists upon us, are a means of conditioning our hearts, minds, expectations, and tolerance to prepare us for the gravity that will inevitably ensue with dreams realized.

A dream is never realized all at once, although it may appear that way. In reality, the notion of a dream as a destination is little more than encouragement and antidepressant to help us endure. By the time we reach a projected destination, we realize it’s only a stop on our journey towards a meaningful life, and the dream, or destination, has already evolved, even if we hadn’t realized it yet. Dreams are realized in all different ways. For some, it’s playing catch with their five-year-old son, for others, seeing their words published in a newspaper for the first time. Our notion of dreams, however, is temporary, and when we actually live these experiences, it occurs to us that they are just moments in our story and all the dream is, is a story we enjoy, and take pride in telling. Like any good story, it brings joy and happiness into the hearts and smiles of others, and is retold, shared a little differently each time as it becomes useful for others, to find and hold onto hope.

It is in our design to seek encouragement through the success of others: appropriately enough, because we are strange creatures, the success of others often discourages those who are unable to recognize the difference in each individual’s unique-path. Self-confidence and concept ought not rely so heavily on others…Pride and self-satisfaction are certainly helped by the praise of others, but a job-well-done is felt deep inside the bones, beneath the skin, within the feels of your watering eyes. Recognition helps; of course it helps, but learn to recognize yourself for hard work and progress, then the world will follow. Do understand that there is a difference between recognizing yourself and excessively boasting: this difference is easily observed by the demeanor and attention span of those around you. Make it a point to speak kindly of others, more than yourself, and others will speak to your quality.

If you struggle with confidence, perhaps it is your way of challenging yourself to do, and be more with more your time. Despite the praise of others, each of us is the architect of our ego. Only you can measure yourself with where you want to be in this life, and only you can convince yourself that you will or won’t, one day arrive or depart from there. It is difficult to conceive, and or project our potential: the places and faces we will see, greet, and impact. If your reality fails to meet your vision, maybe it’s because you are not ready for it to be realized. If you are lonely, perhaps it is because you have neglected yourself for too long, and need adequate time to process and enable thoughts, feelings, and fears, to run their course and give way to necessary personal-growth. Depression hides amidst crowds of confusion; within those that fill their time with anything to distract their attention from the simple reality that they are sad, scared, or less than the person they hope to be.

It’s never too late I tell you! Life is long and time is relative. Our days here are too precious and precarious to waste them running away from the man or woman you wish to see, staring back in the mirror. If you kill time long enough, it begins to kill you. Live with purpose and passion for others: for strangers, for those fleeing the shadows, desperate for the light! Try not to overlook the impressions your choices and actions have on the well-being of others. I believe that our ability to be “self-aware” requires us to see far past our own lives, into the unlimited futures of all who we crash into along the way. Few would take their own life if they could see but a fraction of the impact they had on the rippling waters which surround them. We tend to give up on ourselves long before others do. Strangely, it is in our nature to hope for, and have faith more in others, than in ourselves. One day I wish we could borrow an ounce of our admiration for others, and deposit it into ourselves.

“Why can’t you see yourself, as beautiful as I see you!?” The Avett Brothers

It is easier to give up, but try to remember just what and who you’re giving up on. There’s nothing original about calling it quits… It’s never too late to rewrite your story! Please remember that if I’m willing to help you rewrite your ending, so are others. The degree to which you feel alone, is directly relative to your desire to be alone! Even if you are not willing to help yourself, try helping others – they need you; and may just remind you of that.

By Eric Hampton

By Eric Hampton



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