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“Give love, live love, and you’ll never be alone

Give love, live love, you’ll always have a home.”

Roo Panes

By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

We give our love and live our love with those whom we wish will give it back. Even if today your heart is hurting, trusting others will navigate your journey, back on track. Do not flee from the pain in your veins, but take a deep breath and remember how it feels. It will encourage your growth, so make a toast to those who’ve hurt your heart and made it ache, your healing will replace haste with feelings of progress unless it is your desire to fan your fire with suffering and self-loathing like clothing that keeps you warm but sells your soul. Free yourself and embrace the days where love is not wasted because you tasted the scorn of another born with no obligation or hesitation when regarding you in the slightest, despite times they gazed at you the brightest. Wash yourself of this perceived helplessness and rejoin the world pure and open to those also hoping love is returned, not taken to be burned by the forsaken who continue making their bed with karma to be read and fled from as quick as a drawn gun. Let tomorrow be better than today: when you pray let it be for others, and for future mothers who recognize the sanctity of life not only given, but life lead by example, careful not to trample the ethics they preach. opening eyes to lessons we need to teach from the beginning, so the good guys don’t stop winning, and the desperate discover hope over sinning!

We are in this together, and like the weather when it rains it pours, but our happiness must not be hidden behind closed doors and shelter, it must dance in the rain long enough to ease the pain, giving way to the shining sun and ascension begun towards decency, peace, and ease of breath for this generation and the next, from east to west, shadowed valleys to sunbathed summit. A kingdom of man doesn’t necessitate the question of who will run it, because we the people, with our own two eyes, two hands, head and heart are what this world has been lacking! Our presence is required in the minutia — the little details between the moments we hear and forget about it. We must not let humanity be lost in translation in survival or suffering: The man on the street corner may just need you to look him in the eyes and recognize that he is human!

Offer your compassion before money and judgement.; offer your care despite your skepticism; offer your hand for the smallest and perhaps most necessary inkling of warmth: what do you have to lose? Choose not to make a difference, but be the difference in every instance you can fuel the resistance of cold-gazes and indifferent faces driven by hypothetical destinations far removed from this beautiful thing called life that we are all in the thick of! Yet fooled by. Open your heart and your eyes will follow: evolve from star gazer to Apollo! Take flight in the plight of your species and begin with your neighbor. Do us all a favor and remind yourself that life isn’t discovered in any amount of paper, but in how we treat one another when no one is watching. It is time to be the man or woman you wish to see in the mirror without fear of what others will think! Let your commitment to yourself through others be like ink tattooed into your active choices to hear the voices of the desperate and defeated, where hunger is needed, overlooked by the conceited whose arrogance is seeded in ego and apathy, certain to deliver catastrophe unless we give and live our love naturally.


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