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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

I’ve been wondering for so long, if anything’s worth wondering at all?

Days come and pass, with only experience left to last

I can feel purpose more present, with every breath I take

Concentrating my energy on helping others, and to create

Coffee shops and cool brisk breezes, help me reminisce in my space

Despite fast paces and traces of faces come and gone, before long there comes a time when every man must continue writing his song

While the words aren’t always present, lyrics of others and focused breath help surface the resin

There are moments now and then, when I feel the light within me pushing to burst out

It starts from my heart and works its way through my veins, and into my eyes

No matter my joy it manifests tears, and reminds that I may only be an instrument learning to perform its function with enough gumption to stay the course, practice remorse, and retrace my gifts and intuitions to the source

The weight of the world is no longer on my chest

Those I love, and will soon love, have unburdened my breath

It appears the lives I touch, prefer to help, than blush

The more I look the more I see, goodness is growing readily apparent, like the fall leaves, changing colors on the trees

What some considered outrageous, has been revealed contagious

We are all a character in one another’s play, and the show must go on!

So let us brighten the lights, and loosen our sights, on the nights we are lonely, if only to remind of the times we taste, smell, and feel the way love shines through the pines, trickling down the divine, inspiring tingles down our spine, into our fingers and toes, and so energy goes and flows through he and she who seek, yet never know

We are electric when our eclectic gifts and vision, are given away to those who pray, for a way to persevere through the fear which disables, and enables darkness and doubt to cloud their vision, and be left wishin’, for more than a prayer in a well that fell with the silver from their hand, like sand in an hourglass, passing too fast to even gasp

And one day we will be gone, so today, tomorrow, and the next, we must sing our song, long, and with courage and belief that our passion provides relief for a even a thief in the night, who has lost sight of the decent and right, after falling on hard times and crimes levied against hearts and minds once pure, to lure them from their side of the fight.

But don’t grow cold from this battle, or its shadow cast over righteousness, joy, and devout light

It will be your fortitude which frees you from the fever of prolonged pain and suffering in your life

It will be your intuition and integrity that speak to you amidst 30-dark-days and 30-dark-nights

It will be your decency that restores faith, flashing bright

It will be you who changes the world

It will be you who decides the fate of man

It will be you who ensures goodness prevails,

When you decide you can…


Photo by Eric Hampton



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