By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

When considering the intrinsic nature of beauty it becomes evident that while there is beauty in all things, perceived beauty lies in the eyes, head and heart of its beholder. Surely we can encourage those deterred by doubt and remind them of his or her beauty, but like all things, happiness and belief is a choice, opportunity, and responsibility that many neglect. We are measured in this lifetime by our commitments and fortitude when struggle impedes our ability to follow through. Our commitment to ourselves should be no different than our commitment to others and that which we love. Despite our tendency to play Devil’s Advocate within the constructs of our perception, it is imperative that we seek to reconcile the discontent that looms in our hearts which finds a somber solace in our deconstructive pessimism and sought suffering. No matter the brisk winds and cool rains that blow upon your face, the sparkle and delight of the shining sun will find your skin once more, and tip toe upon it the very way you dance upon the earth’s floor with joy in your heart. We can only be one with this earth and those who walk upon it when we are one with ourselves. A mind and body undivided will heal through harmonizing with the syncopated rhythms that push and pull us towards balance, peace and efficiency. If your doubt trumps your joy then you must take the necessary time and energy to discover not only the source of such crippling doubt, but also consider what perpetuates an absence of joy.

After completing a three week tour with Tough Mudder, working 22 days straight, mostly 10-14 hour days filled with manual labor and challenges I’m not accustomed to, it brings me great solace to be gazing out the window of my new neighborhood coffee shop (office) and reflecting over one of the greatest summers and years of my life. New challenges and variety force us out of our routines- which are comforting -but often result in laziness and the tendency to take blessings for granted. New experiences remind us to practice gratitude for the little things we love yet tend to overlook as the sands of time shape our spirit and attitude. Find a way to challenge your routine and you may discover just what you’re looking for behind a door previously unopened. As imperative as routine can be for helping us navigate hard times, dependency is often created in the prolonged period that looms after overcoming challenges, before making a definitive plan of where to commit your energy next. While I have never been one to document my goals with a corresponding timeline, everyday I commit my intentions to words and deposit them into this realm as a means of positive projection. In a period of time plagued by those who fail to follow through on their commitments, there are few intentions I commit to word that are not made realities. Positive projection serves as my checks and balances to ensure I am growing into and not fleeing from the man I wish to be and am. Speaking our intentions is noble and increases the internal desire to see things through. A man’s word is his bond and a man ‘s actions that give credence to his words will tell a story much greater than of personal accomplishments but integrity and vision.

To lead you must be willing to follow: here I am trying to retrace the immeasurable trail of breadcrumbs left behind the inspired and devout on their ascension towards tangible peace and enlightenment. I walk the path of 100 men in 100 different pairs of shoes, sandals, and experiences. I listen to the music I love and share it with the people I love and will soon be articulating its ability to elicit transcendent emotion, while sharing the collections of moments made personal and into stories through my deep connection to the people, places, and settings which allowed for their perception. Our understanding of love evolves with our passion for music which illuminates a deep and intense spectrum of emotion and vulnerability through transparency and likeness through longing. I am but one of many conduits between the common and the spectacular, serving as a portal for those who seek a deeper level of richness in both relation and expression of that which they love and desire. My innate silly nature allows for me to be the man I am, living in this reality that becomes stranger by the breath. My volunteered surrender of a degree of my privacy has cast me into the public eye in which immense love and gratitude has collided in an epicenter of multidimensional  narratives connecting hundred of thousands of souls in a pure and intimate fashion. My hopes and dreams are being paid forward by previous strangers who with every intentional act of goodness grow closer to family and the brethren I seek peace for! Our quality has simultaneously been given a symbol and anonymity giving passionate souls that burn fervently a satellite to boost their beacon and shield to protect them from the storm. Much will be made of our efforts but I write these words to always remind me that none of this was possible without the beauty and interconnectivity of all sentient beings and their overwhelming desire to depart from this realm having made a positive imprint on those they were blessed enough to tango aside along the way.

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