By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Our hope is your hope because in love there is no differentiation between being. Greater good which we seek is without fine print or relative conditions; it is eternal. Basic decencies such as the ability to live without prolonged physical hunger, emotional or physical oppression, and the hope of a never-ending sea of kind eyes, awaiting the moment and opportunity to gaze into your own and recognize themselves in the way you love, long, and light up the stars in another’s life. Spectacular magic flows through each of your veins and we ought not cast despair upon another but harness and elicit its purity to be sprinkled throughout the cosmos so one day when darkness begins to linger, it will sprinkle down upon those who both need and seek it to illuminate the path before them. We are very special and I shed tears of hope as I ponder upon the days where we truly live by the Golden Rule and take the necessary moments to embrace the beauty in each and every soul and be the benefactors of unity and lay a foundation of peace and balance for our youth to build a kingdom of man here on this earth.



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