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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Free love for those with lips like the drugs that thugs kills and die for. Joy inside her heart that lifts hearts and heals them just before they fall apart. With a light so bright her kisses ignite a spirit so loud the whole world will hear it once they learn to listen for what they’ve been missing with their wasted wishing. But that which fuels motion is no potion to be bought or sold like the gold fools fish for in empty places without traces of truth. It can only be given away to those who stay consistent and enlisted in the practice of peace and please with love not grease and coercion. Goodness comes in but one version – to improve and not delude the quality of cheer in the years of the lives we touch and the blood that does gush through the veins of those with a tight grip on their guiding reins in pursuit of life, will and wonder.

We grow and show the flow of vibrating frequencies that help others speak easy and freely exposes their passion in doses and closes the case on a race that fear being themselves. Our vulnerability broadcasts our human condition and offers hope for folks wishing for help and a hand as the sands of time shape us with their persistent pressure and measure our fortitude and vigor while cowards take stabs and sliver our skin until we bleed into rivers and feed the need for thirst in enduring dark spirits.

To prevail we must unveil our care and kindness and scare away the darkness in our collective proclamation to the tyrants of the world that we will not be silenced or oppressed quietly into the night. If given the choice between fight or flight we must recognize who and what we ought to be willing to fight for and with and to what extent our commitment needs to be lent to ensure the crooked are the ones bent and sent a message that our unified light will outshine even the darkness night and ensure tomorrow can borrow hope from the spirit of the day gone past.

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