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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Loneliness often lingers as we begin to let passion slip from our fingers. He or she who rarely relinquishes this hunger or fails to remind his or herself just why it is necessary to wake each morning full of vigor, and with the belief that the actions that define the moments between waking and retiring to slumber each night, are propelling you closer to visions that paint your heart and imagination. It is this fortitude that comforts any man or women and reminds him or her that in this big and beautiful world we are never alone even when so choose to be! Love is carried for us in the waking breath and pulse and blood of the lives we crash into and leave the dust of our fingerprints upon their architecture; upon their soul. You are not alone; but when your loneliness haunts you perhaps it is simply your way of challenging yourself to be the person you believe you can be: to realize your own great expectations and potential. We can all be extraordinary if we so choose to be…

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