By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Everyday we ought to work on being better to ourselves, strangers, and the ones we love. No matter how good we are, it is our ability to step out of our perspective which we all grow accustomed to and comfortable with, that enables us to consider the ways which we could improve to help facilitate the happiness and well-being of others. The man or woman who truly loves and cares about other people will have infinite possibilities of wealth, warm embrace, and good fortune in this life because the human heart desires the very love it emits. It longs for the touch of another that wishes to infuse life through care and kindness and attention to the beauty in each and every soul on this planet. It prays for the perpetuated well-being of the righteous, the decent, and the compassionate. It sleeps uneasy because its spirit is connected with a supreme consciousness and it can feel the widespread pain and suffering in the universe; but each morning it wakes full of life and optimism, eager to alleviate the despair and doubt that lingers in us all. 

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