By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Sweet for you and what you do to me

Your beauty consumes me

The thought and feeling of you moves me

My mind wanders and wonders what could be?

Even with my eyes closed your light lets me see

Being inspired by another brings me reciprocity

Imagining your warmth sets me free

Awaiting the moment you climb me like a tree

All because I decided what to be

I hope you believe in me

I hope once with me, you’ll never want to leave

I can’t lose the wonderful image of your bright smile and white-shining-teeth

I wish to help you breathe with ease

Inspire tingles to your knees

Blow by your side in a gentle breeze

Sail with you across the Seven Seas

Sweat with you in 100 degrees

Softly kiss you from head to toe

This fervent passion is certain to grow

I press your body against mine

In such few precious moments can we elude time

Free ourselves from all limitations, left to experience

Your eyes, luscious lips and kisses make me delirious

Let me in and you will never want me to leave

We must hold on tight and never forget to breathe

Lose ourselves under the night’s sky and stars, like Adam and Eve

Without any conscious choice you have instilled within me – need

Flying above the clouds in the sky I close my eyes – blessed to receive

Growing closer to you in both physical and emotional perception

My star, you illuminate the blue sky in which I fly and I shine in your reflection.

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