By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Your smile shines bright and is in my heart when I fall asleep each night

Your belief in me inspires vision beyond my usual sight

I feel you running through my veins and will not fight it

You have excited the part of me that I had taken off the table

When I feel you in my breath I believe romantic love is able

Surely it is a road full of twists and turns as each of us once more learns just what it means

But I know it is a road I wish to venture

Your intelligence, wit and wonder, that I’ve never known in a lover

I believe that you could make everything better

My star that shines no matter the weather

Tingles through my bones lift me light like a feather

Two simple but heavy words: better together

You are an old soul that reminds me of my own

No matter my struggles I would persevere in a world where you are my home

When we fall it is fast and with little hesitation, because of the positive vibration felt that cannot be denied, and while lesser of souls may hide, I feel we will both choose to conquer the divide, to provide the other cover in even the most treacherous storms, into arms that warm and love that swarms like family does when trouble is foreshadowed

When we fall it will be with one another, with wide-eyes and delicious kisses and a heart that always misses, but is never without, because love disarms doubt

When we meet the world will see just what it means to love and be loved

When we dance onlookers will be greeted with a more clear depiction of infatuation and the conviction of choice and commitment over time while I make you mine

When we cry it will be for and with the other because neither worry nor pride are conditions reserved solely for mothers

When we sleep it will be with peaceful hearts and minds at ease because for each other’s love we will never have to ask please

When we sing our souls will be in harmony warding off the darkness that wishes to harm me

When we bleed we will remind one another it comes as a result of our need to be wounded so we can learn just how to help the other heal

While processing the weight of these words there is reluctance overcame by the way I feel, and my lifelong belief that true love is real. Real Eric Hampton_________________________________________________________________


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