By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

It wasn’t until I learned how to truly love myself before I could understand what it meant to love others. Without accepting ourselves, there is no accepting others. We must not remain at arm’s length from our human condition: our emotions, our desires, our doubts, and our delicate nature. Although it may seem like it is a certainty, no struggle is yours alone. With over 7 billion people on this planet, it is primarily our need for privacy as a means of protection that prevents us from connecting with those that know our seemingly unique struggle, all too well. YOU are unique, but your burdens are not. Certainly some carry a greater weight than others,that is the nature of free will and circumstance. You are not alone in your perceived or actual suffering.

People can understand your pain without feeling it themselves. Those that love you and even strangers can help you carry your load and illuminate the dark and difficult road ahead. However, the choice to suffer in silence is yours, and only said silence can erect walls around you that will eventually succumb to the force of winter winds, blowing cold and without sympathy. It will not be easy to let your guard down and share your burden with others, but it may be necessary for your preservation and hope to prevail!

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