By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Into the horizon many of us gaze, looking for our place in this big- wide-beautiful world, until one day we find it, and everything changes. An old-wandering soul discovers just why it has long been drawn to discovering a greater sense of identity than one could construct by simply looking into the mirror. Many of us romantics desire answers that we don’t quite know the right questions to ask in order to elicit them. If you find yourself drawn to a collective consciousness and spirit I urge you not to fight it! Understanding of ourselves begins with understanding the needs, desires, and perceived inadequacies of the many! Never seize your plight to discover the love you feel in your heart, in the world around you: in people, landscapes, adventures, and ultimately purpose! Wonder and wander on my friends! Idealism will not inspire the masses and instill the passion necessary for growth and positive change. It requires you and I! The romantics, the poets, the musicians, the artists, the lovers and those who have the gumption to achieve their impractical yet attainable dreams!

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