By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Happy New Year Good Sign Nation! But let us not forget that positive change does not come from a new calendar or resolutions, it comes from a place deep within: the place where intuition and imagination give birth to conscious choice and the gumption to stand behind decisions throughout all moments both devastating and triumphant. Growth only occurs once we accept our hand in our fate and insist that hand despite those who try and cut it off. Worry less about the impact of the actions of others upon your fate and focus on the tangible traction your hard work, commitment, and passion can manifest. What do you want in this life? Once you can honestly answer that question, commit that answer to words, and you’ve already taken the first step towards realizing your dreams. But don’t be foolish enough to believe that choice exists without commitment.

Remind yourself of the things that make you happy in this life and be sure to keep telling yourself them everyday — it will enable you to endure. Never take these people, places, ideas, songs, communities, missions, or activities for granted and your happiness will shine on in their reflection. My wealth is measured in those that I love, and for that, I am among the wealthiest humans on this planet. Everyday my wealth is growing because of the choice I made to open my heart, and my commitment to helping others do the same! Love is in all things that we allow our eyes to see: even if it is love departed, love neglected, or love longed for. Let love be realized through your ability to understand yourself enough to trust your intuition and imagination and hear its voice amidst the echoes of competing and defeating screams from the world around you.

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