By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Stars fill the space between heaven and earth

How often we gaze upon their allure in wonder before our final resting place in a hearse

Some gain inspiration from their beauty and burning from lifetimes come and past, while others never stop gazing only to quickly learn that belief in and of itself isn’t enough to make dreams last

Soon I will gaze upon the great landscape where the ocean meets the sky

Despite the intervals of time between our last meeting I always return to the coast right when my soul longs for it the most

I am thirsty for the cascading waves, pushed and pulled by the bright-white shinning moon

How I long for a deep an endless ocean that reminds me how insignificant single lifetimes can or cannot be

Beneath the aching stars that paint the night sky, no longer do I seek answers to questions about my capability to inspire hearts and minds both far and wide

It hasn’t happened overnight but I have realized my destiny and purpose on this beautiful blue earth

It hasn’t been easy but I have made tremendous progress, yet, still I know this is just the beginning

I am too hard on myself is the lesson I’ve most recently digested

Life is extraordinary but rarely is experience experienced as expected

No longer do I long for a reciprocal pair of eyes to be consumed by

I have unburdened myself of the weight of romantic love and expectations

That’s not to say that I don’t seek it

It doesn’t mean that I have stopped believing in it

But my hopes and dreams are more grand than the one I love and to whom next I sleep

I have decided to heal the world you see

Because when I starred upon the sea and the stars I noticed that they were staring back at me

Recognition from the source of endless imagination, aspiration and inspiration

No longer could I sit and wonder if I had what it took to make a difference

In that moment I knew I could resist the resistance

Swim upstream with just a spec of hope to change the way the current flows

Breathe less air in my struggle upstream so others could breathe more and begin to believe

Because before all things we must believe in ourselves

And today I am inching closer to the coast that helped imprint a grand design upon my life

My soul begins to dance as I close my eyes and picture the spectacular sight

Perceived problems melt away as my toes curl in the hot, coarse sand

Before I even taste a drink I am intoxicated by the salty ocean breeze that brings tingles to my knees

I consider what it would be like to be a blind man that breathes in the aroma of an ocean he never sees

I consider those who haven’t the blessing or circumstance to swim in the sea

But it doesn’t make me sad because if they wish to they will

Soon, I am moving to an island in the middle of a great ocean

It seems like a notion I read in a book or watched in a movie

I am a beach bum at heart so the island life will never really be new to me

Or maybe it will

I am certain it will be precious

I am thankful that hard work and love has blessed us

Perhaps one day you’ll be staring at the stars lying on the beach next to us.




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