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I always find my way back to my words

Life flies a million miles an hour but we musn’t lose priority for why it is we were given life at all

This is what I’m best at

Some write for the sake of writing

Others to sell books

I write to create, share, and inspire positive change

I am making progress

We are making progress

I accept that it is a fight that will consume my lifetime

Give purpose to my lifetime

Continue long after my lifetime

The truth is — I’m still figuring myself out

What it is I want out of this life of mine

While it’s not certain I assure you it is grand

I am filled with silly, irrational, and capable dreams

How long has it been since you measured yourself against your own?

Do you remember what makes you happy?

When they speak of you what do you think they will cite as your greatest talent?

What do you wish they cited as your greatest talent?

What is your greatest talent?

What is yours that cannot be taken away?

Are you as free as you’d like to be?

Productive as you’d like to be?

I assure you, you’re capable

But what I cannot make any assurance of is your willingness to be

This is your life

It is your single chance to be everything that you have always wished to be

Why would you let anything stand in the way of that?

You have the rest of your life to follow through on your commitments…

I recommend starting now.




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