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By Kevin Alan Lamb

An excerpt from Just Living on Caffeine, Dreams and Love — a work in progress. #CaffeineDreamsLove

“We worry for the ones we love because we feel them inside the world around us. They are in every smile, laugh, hug, and tear. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, there is no running from the ones we love, our obligations and connections with them, and a lifetime of memories that do not construct who we are, rather, have been constructed as a result of who we are, and strive to be. Memories can haunt us, but that is only because we know how often they carry us– through difficult times, through our loneliness, through the doubt that we may deny from being there at all. Doubt is written in our genetic code. It is planted like a seed from the moment we talk, talk, rise and fall. Do not be defeated when you bleed; we bleed because we are human; because we can heal; and because we sometimes need it. We get what we need, when we need it, and we bleed because we’re human, don’t be defeated. Everyone doubts, perhaps not around every corner; and while they will not wear it like a suit; it is there, it is with them. Doubt in us is the world challenging us to be the person we believe we can be, and are. It requires a stand; a physical and emotional response; an awareness that we must not remain static; or we will be defeated. Evolve or fade away: Be better in every way, shape, and form. We become better, not as a result of wanting to be better, but by being itself! Start small and grow!”

“Where you invest your love you invest your life.” Mumford & Sons – Awake My Soul





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