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If I was a writer I’d write
If I was a painted I’d paint
Since I am a lover, I love
Since I am a dreamer, I believe
To be a happy I must create and conceive
To be happy I must find balance and never leave

If I was a singer, I’d set my soul on fire
If I was a drinker, I’d be left to admire
Since I am a human, I want to be better
Since I am a young man, I want to live longer
To be with me, you must smile often
To be with me, you fear not living more than a closing coffin

If I was a ordinary man, I’d read more books
If I was a boring man, I’d wish for better looks
Since I am a wise man, I listen more often
Since I am gifted, I volunteer do the lifting
To be attractive, you must posit the positive
To be attractive, you must not take more than you give

If I was a writer, I’d try to write more often
If I was a painter, I’d try to paint a picture of happiness
Since I am a lover, my heart feels deeper
Since I am a dreamer, my mountains to climb are steeper
To be happy, is to be alive
To be happy, I’ll be gladly

Kal Avett



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