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It does not count as helping someone when you hang your help over someone’s head and heart. Helping in my world means expecting nothing in return. Helping comes from the need and ability to do so. The need which we’ve experienced ourselves, and have been blessed with a helping hand. The ability born within in us to recognize wants from needs, and a person deserving of kindness; a person that could use a break; a person that hasn’t got one in a while; a person that helps others even as their ship is sinking; a person that bleeds so his people do not have to; a person filled with light that is being consumed by the shadows because reality is heavy; a person down but not out; a person that inspires hope by breathing; a person that endures pain so others do not; a person that suffers so others do less; a person that achieves flight in the face of gravity; creation in the face of destruction; peace in the place of peril; balance in the midst of the perfect storm. If you choose to help remember what it is you’re choosing. You are choosing goodness. You are choosing your people: Idealism in a flood of realism; Romanticism, trapped in a jungle of carnivores; Optimism while gasping for air in what may be your final breath.

Good Sign Beach - Helping