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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

The light penetrating my iris hurt my eyes to wake them
But the purpose flowing through my veins insisted I make them
Rise and seize the possibilities of the day anew
Remember the foundation from which you grew
Find rhythm where it was once common place
Not excuses but the routines that leave you living by the day
Progress with each increment of time
Growth in both body and mind
Spirit elevates with the harmony of the two
Belief in vision carries even the weakest of men through
Commitment to a process, not until later in your journey will you process
Accomplishments grand in design rely on a willingness to give time
Greatness exists long before it is realized
Inspiration spirals tangential from the source
Touching lives long deviated from the original course
Eyes are widened as souls our exposed to the journey of ascension to the cosmos
Light lifts the wretched if they so seek to be gifted with hope and care
Darkness is diffused by the conscious choice not to use but provide use
Difference dissipates dissonance if common cause and care are held in the heart
Variables do not divide but are divine if we love and seek a better way
Truth does not elude but conclude that decency is not an idealistic notion
Suffering in all distances and directions bleeds darkness into our seas and oceans
Change occurs within before it will combat sin without
Light lives inside of you, I beg you please, to let it out




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