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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

If you have a dream you must protect it
The greatest and most spectacular things in this life are not realized without great struggle
Rid yourself of the notion that what you desire most will fall before your feet on its knees
All that comes with ease dissipates in such similar fashion
Hold on to what you believe through its evolution and original conception
The big picture has layers that tell a story of determination and fortitude
You will be broken but not defeated
You will begin to distinguish wants from what you really needed
Routine and rhythm help make the impossible tangible
Tangible dreams are a notion this nation needs
Believed in accomplishments living and breathing external to sleep
Not mountains but hills we can traverse no matter how steep
The test of time they say
A burning desire enduring every day
Need manifested in hard work and the humility to pray
Not for your dreams to be realized, rather help along the way
Focus on your routine and rhythm
A man should believe in the abilities instilled in him
Be what you are without limitation to grow
Believe in the love you feel in the world around you and let your colors show
Nothing is possible if you have already made the decision
Pain gives way not to strength but suffering if you have already chosen the distinction
Your dreams can become stories written fiction
Because dreams are realized by choice not descending coins burdened with a hopeless man wishin’.




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