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By Shaggy Lamb

Yes I was up until 1:15 a.m. certain that a two run lead in the 9th was enough even for the likes of Papa Grande, Jose Valverde. Yes, I was shamed by yet another heart wrenching performance by a Detroit Tiger relief pitcher. And yes, I am thrilled we don’t have to wait 24 hours for a chance at redemption.

Tonight we look to our ace, Justin Verlander, as we have looked to him so many other times before. This is why the term “Ace” was conceived; an ace in the sleeve when the tides need to turn; when you are facing elimination on the road on the wings of consecutive losses when our bats have seemingly vanished.

Tonight I will forget about the ALCS, which games Verlander will be able to pitch, and pour my baseball/Tiger devotion into a the viewing pleasure of a single contest.

Tonight I will cherish each hit, stolen out, run, and Tigers’ fist pump of exaltation as the A’s fans witness their horse being put down in the biggest stage they will likely ever know.

Let us celebrate a brilliant season with another win and an undeniable effort that instills fear in our next opponent. Let us be the Tigers they forecast from the moment we signed The Prince of Motown.

If you watch one game all season, let it be this one.  It will remind you of the love you had for this game as a child. It will remind how much you love and need your team in the postseason with a chance at winning the whole fucking thing.

Fist Em Up Tigers, Fist Em Up.

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