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By Kevin Alan Lamb (@ShaggyLamb)

Without reason or rhyme we find those who can lift us in both body and mind

A spiritual connection with the people of this planet

Good in mankind grows only when we reach out and connect

Chance and beauty around the corner, how can you imagine what you cannot expect?

A smile that lights up a room

Kindness that won’t be overlooked again soon

We depend on the phenomena that is hope in the meaningful words and actions of others

The world is a lonely place when we sell ourselves on our loneliness

Believe that there is more goodness than plain eyes can often see

Love the beautiful soul you are and never limit the dreams you close your eyes and see

Rise above those who linger below

If you fall, climb to your feet, pick up speed, and soar to the heavens in the skies above

Never convince yourself you are deserving of their vanquished love

Open your eyes to yourself and see majestic creation before and behind your beautiful eyes

Goodness will prevail despite deceit and painful lies

Find a way to play and rejoice

Ascend to great heights, it is in choice that you will find your voice

By Eric Hampton


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