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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Sigh no more and free your heart of the burden of your pain and worry

Absolve doubt because the world will always insist it

Believe when it’s the hardest because that is when you need it the most

Find traction in simple routine, one foot forward at a time

Symphonies are not written with but the stroke of a hand

World titles, not achieved in a single game

Families not built without love and loss

Pain will come and go but your self concept will be carried always

Lighten your load and set yourself free to fly

Focus on the attainable and practical but never relinquish the grand architect that is your dream weaver

Discover those that infect you with life and all of its possibilities

Listen to music and read books created by legions of the light

Darkness will always linger if you let it chase you

Light will awake your soul if you listen to its calls

Love will last lifetimes if you are capable of returning its longevity

Vision will vaporize vast delusions of doomed fate and misfortune

Days cannot be measured in numbers rather progress towards the image of yourself you have seen in your most triumphant dreams

Dare to have your soul touched by the infinite illumination of inspiration from events and systems both finite and grand

The key to touching the heart is offering a helping hand.

By Eric Hampton



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