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By Kevin Alan Lamb

With the exhale of a heavy breath the conscious choice is made to unburden myself with the dead weight that prevents flight

Exponentially capable, with experience comes the confidence that we are able to run untamed by the reins of others incompetence

Pushed until a point, with dreams and possibilities that I shall soar towards the heavens to anoint

The collision of destiny and action

Long been the remedy not the reaction

Wings not meant for clipping or gripping the worry of mediocre wonder

Itching to fly, from the view of a bird’s eye vision projects like the ozone protects from the reality that is a burning star

Experience gives away to the delirious if we are unable to see past our roadblocks and recognize opportunity amongst struggle

It is often against walls that we do not collide and fall but stumble and grow to heights we have felt destined to grow


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