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By Kevin Alan Lamb (@ShaggyLamb)

The music sings to my defeated cells

They will never perish, but the soul and spirit in words sung from the depth of a passionate heart infuse life

Frustration wears on the weary, but clearly this no tragedy

Hope whistles the tune of sweet summer love under blue sky in the afternoon

Words will their way into my heart and birth belief as it were intended from the start

Cadence calms a mind that tires a soul from running from sea to shore

Rhythm reminds to reminisce and rejoice over the mountains we have stood atop

Harmony helps hold on to the notion of peace, love, and balance

Each new song announces another chance to turn it all around, or be thankful for progress made

A smile ensues when even the Blues beckon for good news just around the corner

Music is my moral muse and in its wonder lies the blessing to never have to choose.

By Eric Hampton


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