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I love Forest Sun and this just became my favorite song of his. It is filled with soul, love, angst, pain, and existential wonderment. It cannot be contended that this man his lived life in pursuit of that which he loves.

Forest Sun

The Doves down in South Austin
Still wake me in the mourn
You said so long, and how you gone
And your hearts just a little bit torn

Everybody came and went
Now all the moneys spent
Got no house, got no rent
Tried so hard didn’t even make a dent

You can’t decide if your on the fence
That night in jail must have been heaven sent
Just to make us laugh,wonder at that and loves great big ocean
So much love we barely slept
So much love with no regrets

So much love we payed off our debts
We dove right in and we got wet
In the Ocean (x2)
Loves great big ocean, we dove right in.

I bought a western shirt, you know the kind with snaps?
The trumpet plays, playing taps
It’s hard to force yourself to relax
When the future holds pending dooms

And the woman I left in San Fransisco
She’s still crying to her pillow
4 years, like a blanket rapped around her shoulders
She’s still wishing, that I’d hold her
And I wouldn’t mind, wouldn’t mind

Have you ever seen your reflection in a tear
Rolling down on a freckled chin?
Have you ever had days feel like weeks?
And days feel like weeks?

Well I drink scotch and play backgammon
Till I couldn’t keep my eyes open
Tried to let her go, but I couldn’t help hoping for a chance at what we never had
How we’re throwing out the good with the bad
I’m still smiling, she’s still sad

And we’re both just drops in the Ocean
In the Ocean (x2)
Drops in the Ocean, its all we are
Drops in the Ocean (x2)
Loves great big ocean.

Well the water forms around the porch-screen door
Wonder what I’m still sitting here for
Put my feet up the wall, lay down on the floor
Maybe play a little piano

But the water won’t start so I better start swimming
Tears well us, I better keep grinnin’
The crowd shows up better start singin’ about loves great big ocean
My best friends down in Mexico

Wonder how he’s downin, wonder if he knows
That I spent the night in a cheap motel by the side of the ocean
Except cheap motels aren’t cheap anymore
65 bucks and the toilet wouldn’t flush
And the TV didn’t even have a remote

Still it felt just like a home
Out on the ocean carried on a boat
Out on the ocean
Drifting on the ocean
Floating on the ocean
Sailing on the ocean carried on a boat

Well I got up early, went to bed late
Some folks think it’s great, some folks can’t relate
Some folks dance with the devil I’d rather dance with my fate
And take the muses out to dinner

We had gospel burners down in Orleans
Don’t come by later, guess I’ll see ya
Somewhere down the night
Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine

Just tell me your trouble, make me laugh
I was sleepin’ on your couch for a week and a half
I need to jump into spring and roll in the grass
Wonder how long I can last

In this ocean (x2)
Loves great big ocean
Come on in, waters fine
And I don’t mind


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