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By Kevin Alan Lamb


A no named girl in a world filled and spilled with the emotions of the loony and their loony notions

Another catchy tune strum, on a banjo just for fun, exhausted by those certain they’ll convince you they are the one

Headphones breathe sanity through my ears into my head, “And we all fall down,” said the Avett Brothers, long before we’re ever dead

The Tallest Man On Earth inspires the fire of the cool, calm and serene, while Forest Sun shines his lights and reminds me I’m awake amidst a dream

“Scar Tissue” reconnects me to the birds in the trees, reminds of the love I’ve long been absent of, that weakens in the knees

We satisfy our desires specific to a time and a place, I cant pretend I close my eyes and see your face

Honesty is a proof too strong to be in harmony with the chords of this particular song

Hearts and heads hang on the breath of the one they most desire

Women, like fires burn alive and filled with scorn, security at the psych. ward has been overrun, signal the horn!

This is my life and it is with tremendous balance I keep it on course

I will not ask for your heart and please be certain to listen

Reality is often in plain sight, yet people choose to miss it

Fools believe love blows like clouds in the wind, give it time they say

Love is immediate we are just too afraid to admit it

Physical release is a pleasure and we often deviate the course to get it

Refuse to compromise on the love you know exists because you have felt it in dreams

Accept that the weak are weaker, and the dark-hearted will try and slay you to your knees

Grow from the burden of love which you cannot reciprocate until it manifests

Smile with all of your heart as time remains the only genuine test.