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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Can you like next to her and give her your heart?

You know the answer but does that make you any less sincere with your good intentions?

Is shared affection and genuine care not enough, if your love you spare?

Why must it be the good suffer alone while the wretched tear us into two?

Please don’t misunderstand these questions as a result of you

I am the way I am because of the man I am and the life I have lived, in the world I live in

Conditioned by conditions, conditioning those who are attracted by a similar light

Simultaneously the best and worst heart, mind, and soul you could meet

While I do not sword fight with lies and deceit, not everything is as plain as we can see

Moved by mountains greater than the likes of you and I

Driven to endure, ascend, inspire and fly

There is no doubt our skins and bones are carved from the same stones

But like variables in an infinite math equation, my genetics insist I enlist every ounce of my heart despite the sweetness of a particular kiss

Wake each day certain your path has only just begun

Fall asleep each night knowing not only your but the dreams of millions are in sight

Vision connotates a mission of pain and excellence, suffering and glory

Relativity is realized in the hanging balance between today and tomorrow, where despite hard work and progress, debts grow from that which we’ve borrowed

Nothing will ever be the same, and perhaps it never was

Rock and roll fuels fingertips as they rise and dip on keys worn from a life lived hanging on a thread

Sleep becomes a rare escape from the desired realized dreams in your head

Will and wonder ignite the ability to persevere through daily blunders as the man

Wanting the world but content with each debit card not rejected

Slowing in the rain in fear this be the moment your architecture wasted as a brilliance is unrealized, sudden crash unexpected

Certain to be an anomaly, learning to embrace those fond of me, still without answer for those who will never be my tiny dancer

A righteous path that the house in Vegas is betting will last

Past indiscretion leveraged against a road ahead, reminding yourself to never forget, blood bled.

By Eric Hampton

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