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Inspired by The Beatles, “I feel Fine”

By Kevin Alan Lamb

I’m so glad she’s my little girl
Across universes we travel to another world
Free from little tricks, she smiles and my heart ticks, I love her, and I’m going to let her know

No longer sitting on my hands, her love makes me want to dance, I love her, can’t wait to kiss her on the lips
Walking down the street, skipping to her beat, the sun smiles on our love and I thank it
Wiggling in my chair, long blonde shaggy hair, she loves me, and I feel fine

She’s walking down the street, hair flowing to her feet, I love her
Sun dress and sweet caress, yellow daisies and pigtails
Holding hands and locking lips, eyes drawn to her swaying hips, she loves me, and she’s mine
Good Signs in her eyes, heart full of love without lies, I love her, and I’m hers

Happy on our feet, silly in our seats, to love is divine
Wild in our hearts, chance not left to dealt cards, blessed mid-afternoon under a single-shining-star
Smiling for one, an album just begun, I love her, and I feel fine.


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