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By Dan Hilbert

I promise to treat you exactly how I would like to be treated

I promise you a shoulder to cry on, if ever you feel you need it

I promise you will win, no matter how strong the feeling of being defeated

I promise not to rush, take the foot off the gas, no need to speed it

I promise to have your back through all the highs and the lows

I promise to listen when I ask how did your day go

I promise to speak from the heart, not always soft spoken and kind

I promise to be open and honest, share whats truly on my mind

I promise a massage, if you ever need something extra to unwind

I promise to stay in touch, never be too hard to find

I promise to bring you breakfast if you don’t wanna get out of bed

I promise I wont judge whatever crazy thoughts are in your head

I promise if the world is heavy on your shoulders like a backpack full of lead

I promise to help turn the negatives into positives instead

I promise to give more than I take, no addition by subtraction

I promise to try and keep my cool, once you start your first contraction

I promise if you ask to talk, Ill never say OK but make it quick

I promise to always light the fire, like flicking at a bic

I promise to pay attention to the movie, even if it’s a sappy chick flick

I promise if you have a bad dream you can wake me up in the middle of the night

I promise if you wanna fly, ill help you get off the ground, take flight

I promise to be open, to always stay true

I promise not to judge, no matter what you’ve been thru

I promise not to budge when it comes to standing up for you

I promise not to judge, even if you don’t succeed

I promise a little nudge, a hint is all I need

I promise you are safe, to protect you I would bleed

I promise not to neglect, if you are hungry I will feed

I promise to always update the roster, keep you tops on the list

I promise Im not an imposter, like Sprite and Sierra Mist

I promise to grow together, thru acceptance and change

I promise even in snowy weather you could lay out to tan, I wouldn’t think you were strange

I promise to let you in, show you inside my heart

I promise much to your chagrin, I may decide to fart

I promise to make you smile, always keep it light

I promise even after a while, Ill say I love you every night

I promise you can share, no matter what the issues

I promise I don’t care, use my shirt if you’ve run out of tissues

I promise you don’t have to be alone, even if im not around

I promise you Ill answer the phone, end up with a smile after a frown

I promise these words are true, like I am under oath

I promise it’ll always be you and me, me and you, us both


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