By Dan Hilbert

This one is going out by special request

‘Write something happy, about how great it feels to be blessed’

Life in recovery is incredible, I never would have guessed

Like it is edible, Im really eating it up, there I confessed

The discovery now is inevitable, seeing what’s inside this treasure chest

Screw living crazy, lawless, wild wild west

They say don’t leave five minutes before the miracles occur

It all happened so fast, it was all such a blur

They really do come true, those dreams that reoccur

Taking time to appreciate the little things now, I much prefer

Sitting outside, nice and quite, soaking up the sun

Turned my life over, now I feel like the chosen one

Take a second tonight to go outside, glance up at the moon and the stars

Find someplace peaceful, maybe put on a tune while sitting idle in your car

This attitude is contagious like the common cold

The gratitude is outrageous, might sound a little bold

This dude is courageous, ready to break the mold

It is quite advantageous, listening, doing what Im told

Re-energized, vivacious, my life can now unfold

Thanks to my gracious God, this way of living, I am sold

Every day I wake up feeling like a little boy on Christmas morning

Not living so fast, careful, you only get one warning

It takes hard work, everything given to me Im earning

Got a little taste of the good life, now for more I am yearning

No more time to waste, Light the Fire, lets get the candle burning

Blessed to be paying attention, have good people teaching, I am learning

Living this way every single day is enjoyable

Hired for something I actually went to college for, I am now employable

Never forgetting where I came from, reminded, all this good is quite destroyable

Those big ass missiles of destruction are armed and ready, very deployable

Hadn’t yet found myelf, my identity was concealed

Constantly had my guard up, the drugs were like a shield

Now the blessings are rolling in, can’t wait to see, more will be revealed

Still don’t believe I go to work every day at a professional baseball field

Constantly have that magical feeling in my stomach, like that first kiss

Finding a practical way of dealing with things, it is Pure Bliss

Running around in those circles, I surely don’t miss

That every addict one day discovers this way of life, that is what I wish

Love You Aunt Sha, thanks for the unconditional love + support!!!!!

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