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By Kevin Alan Lamb

The man in me is free and will always be

The music in the man is his right hand that lifts him each time he falls

Before all great men fly they must learn to crawl

Passion is pure and the only cure to the darkness and sin money lure

Hope is a beacon of light so bright it makes even the North Star blush at sight

Love will bring ruin to the darkness that propels the wretched men and the wicked with whom they’ve fell

Vulnerability shall will the righteous towards the path of most resistance and enlist the fervent passion to endure the distance

Pain and struggle is the bubble we must burst in order for us to believe dreaming works

Breath of air conditions the soul like a salty ocean breeze in the morning through unkempt shaggy hair

It does not always come easy but ease in this lifetime is something I can spare

If it requires me to be alone to see it through, then I might dare

No longer do I make progress from my knees

No longer is my passion cooled by a community that refuses to see

Their eyes have been opened and the masses are experiencing the will of a hopeful man hoping

With choices that trace his ladder to world and stars away, he climbed to his two feet while the world watched from their two knees and prayed.


Photo Credit Eric Hampton