By Dan Hilbert

Im sitting at the airport about to get high

Not off drugs, on a plane, in the sky

Feeling good today, see a twinkle in my eye

Couldn’t be happier, about to explain why

Got overwhelmed last night with a feeling of love

My friends told me they were gonna miss me, kisses and hugs

No longer flying solo, lonesome dove

Attached at the hip with my new pal, like were love bugs

Its been an emotional rollercoaster these past couple years

Not trying to boast, but Im proud of all the tears

Walk into the rooms, everybody knows my name like its Cheers

The bar I go to now, they serve coffee and soda, not beers

I kneel down at night and ask God to give me what I need

Not gonna go hungry, my mouth he will feed

Its actually easy, don’t have to beg and plead

Growing every day, glad I planted the seed

28 years ago this morning at 7:58

February 2nd, 1984, remember the date

I came into this world right on time, not a second late

The path I went down, no coincidence, it was fate

When tears roll down my face today, they won’t be sadness but joy

Slowly transforming into a man, no longer a scared little boy

Ill let you in on a Secret, the Law of Attraction, there’s no chance

I hope it rains today, just so I can go outside and dance

I used to like New York City cuz they had the best dope

Now my intentions are to find the best hope

Don’t have a clue what the next few days will hold, but Im not scared

Im ready for this shit, been well prepared

Learning to love myself, so I may receive the love of another

Can’t wait to hold my baby for the first time sitting there with his mother

Looks like they’re boarding, time to get in line

Feeling GREAT, Just For Today, Im doing just fine