By Dan Hilbert

Gonna share something with you that’s down right conceivable

What Im speaking is the truth, its quite believable

Like Oprah has shown, anything you put your mind to is achievable

No matter how much you’re stressing, your life it is retrievable

Stay open to the blessing, let it in, be receivable

Dr. Nido Qubein says: if you network anyone is reachable

Like a student at High Point University, always remain teachable

If you lean on religion when things get rocky, remain preachable

Try not to get cocky, even the President is impeachable

This disease makes you sick, but don’t think its unbeatable

Bad decisions add up quick, very repeatable

The best thing about addiction, while defiant, its quite treatable

Like the Patriots learned from the Giants, they’re not undefeatable

No matter the past, get it off your mind, nothing is unspeakable

Repetitively I maintain, nothing is unspeakable

Competitively insane, this thinking’s not unreasonable

Feels good living in recovery, the weather is quite seasonable

Sign a contract with yourself, make it unbreachable

Throw the white lies in the wash, they are bleachable

As human beings we are fragile, were quite breakable

Don’t wait until the last breath to find out life is quite takeable

Like basketball, give yourself a shot at life that’s quite makeable

Be true to yourself, living this way is not fakeable

Like Josh Hamilton found out, no goal is unhittable

Some decisions last a lifetime, some actions are unacquittable

But living as addicts, we think just about anything is permissible

Willing to lose it all, just about anything is dismissible

Were crafty at destruction, choosing anything that’s abusable

The excuses we come up with, many are so amusable

Not funny though,we me may be blind to it, many of our actions are inexcusable

Some people don’t even know, needles aren’t reusable

Share with another user, diseases are contractable

Some can be taken care of, others are untreatable

The best admission Ive ever made was my life had become unmanageable

Walked around in a stupor for a while, feeling indestructible

Beat into submission I found I could be hurt, quite damageable

Glad that with this program, my life is reconstructable

Might have the chance to be a family man, like Cliff Huxtable

Many have lost hope, thought they were unlovable

Just go to a meeting, find out you’re very huggable

Thought all hope was leaking out, those holes are very pluggable

Remove that chip off your shoulder, it’s very shruggable

At first this concept might seem incomprehensible

Gotta look at it with an open mind, be sensible

Make yourself accountable, be dependable

You are truly worth it, no ones life is expendable

My life now is truly unbelievable

Thank you for taking the time, I hope this poem was readable

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton



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