I am the moral muse at Good Sign Productions, where Good Signs are our way. This design will be featured by Team Good Signs at the 2012 Magic Show in Las Vegas in February. Who is the evil genius that convinced the world they are mediocre and incapable of realizing their dreams? Nietzsche said “one must still have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star.” 

It is alright if your purpose in this life is not always certain. Chaos breeds uncertainty! Always remain in your corner! The world will offer plenty of doubters who lack the faith to see the dancing star in you! Don’t fuel the fire with anything other that hustle, belief, and desire! We all have a role in this beautiful struggle! I see greatness in all of you and it is time you give yourself the same credit! Prophet Motive will help us be the dancing stars we dream of when we close our eyes at night. Love will open the eyes of our heart and like lightning struck into our veins we will unite the community of the world to sleigh the beast that is doom and doubt. We will remind the crooks that the good men and women will not sit quiet on the sideline and watch but in the words of James Brown “Jump up and shout!” I will bleed for you if you will bleed for me! I will cry tears of joy for our salvation in the form of revelation if you accept your share of the responsibility in a fight for the rights of the hearts, minds, and Good Signs of dancing stars of every nation! If whatever god you believe in asked you to stand up to the darkness of the damned would you dare turn a cheek!? Could you sleep at night knowing you refused to surrender your ego in the name of peace!? Just because you sleep safe at night doesn’t mean everything is alright!! Death may not knock at your door– but that doesn’t mean this is not a fight! Close your eyes and feel the vision of your heart versus the limits of your eyes sight! Dare to believe in one another and our capable dreams! Dare to fail a friend of passion who too bleeds when those he loves surrenders to the weight of the world dying on their knees.


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