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Just Living on Caffeine, Dreams and Love: "Where you invest your love, you invest your life." Mumford and Sons

Just Living on Caffeine, Dreams and Love is the title of my first memoirs. It embodies my vision, hustle, shortness of breath, passion, dreams, and triumph as an exceptional leader and human being.   It will layout my philosophy, struggle. and mission statement as a victor and romantic.

I intend to change the world and the degree to which people mistreat one another. My mission will be fulfilled through living, giving, writing, leading, learning and inspiring.

One cannot expect haste when changing something as grand as the world. What we can do is change what we can control (influence).

Apathy isn’t original, make a difference.


  1. Good Things: Good People
  2. Ashes to Ashes Life
  3. The Rhythm
  4. Vision
  5. Function over Form
  6. In Versus Out, and Vice-versus
  7. Accepting the Blame for Our Misfortune
  8. Death to Literally
  9. Inception
  10. Prescriptive Living
  11. Objects: Women: Loss
  12. Evolve or Die
  13. Show Faith

This is without a doubt the most meaningful tattoo of my three thus far. This past year will always mark the moments I took control of my fate, abilities, and dreams. Haven’t you ever aspired for the world and all of its  wonder, and believed in yourself enough to take it? Thank you Matt Black, “Ink Inspired Injector” of the Shaggy Lamb. In the near future I will be doing a body art photo shoot with my photographer Eric Hampton.


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Just Living on Caffeine, Dreams and Love

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