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Blown away that the most blessed circumstances have presented me with an opportunity to sit down (Skype) with this inspiring organization committed to help, and not hurt, insist hope, versus persisting darkness which only offers guidance as the guided fall to their knees praying to a church that insists they believe yet offers little to combat a world of need. This Is A Good Sign (thanks for the invite)!

This is an official video presenting the International Society of Exceptional Leaders, non-profit leadership network.

Why We Exist?

Everything we do, we believe in inspiring unlimited potential and greatness in everyone. We believe in a better world, attainable through better leaders.

Every person has the ability and power to be a leader. A leader is defined by his or her actions and not a title.

Only by guiding people and helping them become aware of their inner leader will we make the world a better place!

How We Do What We Do

We help create a better world by encouraging the development and expression of personal and social leadership among as many people as possible, from all walks of life.

By creating a network of potential leaders, educating and supporting them, and providing them with the tools and environment to positively change the world they live in, our dream, the human dream, is only at an arm’s length away.

What We Do

The I.S.E.L. is a network of leaders, empowered individual. By bringing our members together in a structured network, we help develop, support and create solid actions.

Members have the oppurtunity to participate in the member FORUM of their city once every 2 months, be part of a mastermind team and have access to special events and an online private community.

The Story

The I.S.E.L. leadership network is the brainchild of Nikolaï Ray. Having always dreamed of helping make the world a better place, this ex professional athlete and entrepreneur decided to create a network of leaders intent on not only becoming better people but also on positively affecting their environment and the people around them.

Being audacious and inspirational is a way of life for Nikolaï. He believes that we are in the age of self-empowerement and that citizens of all countries have the most power and influence then ever before. By helping people develop their inner leadership and social leadership, he truly believes we can sculpt a better worlld.

Nikolaï’s idea of a better world is one where poverty, famine, pollution and preventable disease are but relics of our anthropocentric and materialistic way of living that characterized the planet in the 20th century.

Visit Nikolaï Ray’s Official Website

The official website of the I.S.E.L. is http://www.iselworld.org

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