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Just Living On Caffeine, Dreams, and Love is book I’m currently working on. It will layout my philosophy, struggle. and mission statement as a human being, victor and romantic.

Here is an excerpt:

If numbness has replaced the sensation once in your heart, then perhaps it is best you take a moment and gather both the physical and emotional coordinates of where you are. Are you restless where you once found peace of mind? Is the light being drained from your soul a product of your space and time? Are you lifted or is it you that does the lifting? Lifetimes are spent evaluating progress, performance, and paths we have chosen, yet, so little time understanding ourselves, our passion, and our potential. Our collective, greatest weakness is the inability to understand ourselves and our talents and the very things for which we were given life. Purpose is not derived from the means by which we pay bills, however, said means should be a derivative of our purpose. Most people cannot do what they love for a living, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do what you love. We are connected to the stars but activation occurs only when we open our hearts and minds to the external light which perpetually passes in and out of our sight, touch, and taste.

Inspiration is the trail of breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel for us to find our way home: Edward Sharpe and countless other brilliant musicians and minds refer to home in a manner that suggests it is not confound within space and time, rather it exists in all places, and in all times if we are able to maintain our connection with it: with the things, peoples, places, and notions such as happiness, care, hope, and love, that we find purpose in.

For that reason, home, is a derivative of purpose, and while literal for some, others find their home when they discover ideas, people, songs, works of art, missions, and causes that activate them and though long, elusive, and often lacking illumination, a ladder to the stars is imprinted upon their being, upon the very way the breathe, think, and feel. Once activated, the longing for not greatness but purpose, and home in all things– never dissolves. For some it is burden, but it is only a burden once we stop listening to the song that sings in our heart, the song that sings our story to the world not to be heard, but to be harmonized, covered, and truly felt on an innate level that reminds others of their home, and their purpose.

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