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Yesterday, while walking home from Caribou Coffee in Downtown Royal Oak, I noticed a homeless man sprawled out over a bench. His feet were up on the bench, his crutch lied next to him, and people continued to walk by him as he laid unconscious on the cold earth. It took me a minute to gather the circumstances; but it appeared he fell back off the bench and hit his head, disorienting him to the point where he did not know where he was.

I swung his legs off the bench, then asked if he was able to get up– he was not. He asked for his crutch, and then I proceeded to lift him off the ground, to his feet. He asked me where we were: He was likely concussed. After telling him he was in Royal Oak, and asking if he knew where that was, I gave him $5 and insisted he used it on food. I told him I wished I could do more, but I had to go to work. Another day, another soul neglected.

Kyle Williams and I have founded the “Soul Proprietor” as the founding project of “THINKING — Outside of the Box”. Remove the blinders from your eyes that is need and entitlement, and fulfill your duties as a citizen of mankind. Part of the problem or part of the solution. There is no right and wrong: Only helping and hurting: Light and Darkness. Apathy will be accepted as the latter.

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