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Caitlin Krisko, a Detroit a native, is truly a west coast “soul sister”, with the ranging pipes to ensure once she exits the stage, you will miss her. At first glance, parallels with “Fitz” from the Fitz and the Tantrums are forged in my ears that listen, heart that embraces, and mind that perceives, conceives, and listens to my soul when it insists I believe.

But The Broadcast cannot be likened or reduced to a mere comparison to another industry premium; her words pervade because when she sings them — I believe her; her sounds prevails, because in a game of comparisons, I close my eyes listening for who I hear in her voice, and it is only her. Her voice bellows of romance and hope as it soothes like a hot bath on a frigid Michigan day in February, when winter is its most barren.

The sic-piece soul rock band formed in Brooklyn, NY, appeals to the self-reflective individual that is not in need of finding themselves, but perhaps their inner-most-passion that will serve as the fuel for the rocket ship that is their dreams.


The Broadcast is a powerhouse, six-piece soul rock band formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2007. With sweeping melodies, polyrhythmic grooves and an uncanny ability to connect with listeners, their high energy shows leave audiences frenzied for more.

The band draws influences from the funky soulful Motown Sound of Stevie Wonder and the raw vocal prowess of singers such as Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin. The band is fronted by platinum blonde Caitlin Krisko, whose commanding voice has been described by Cosmopolitan Magazine as “drenched in honey, and dripping with soul”

After selling out NYC venues such as the legendary Blue Note and Mercury Lounge, the band went on to raise over $4,500 through Kickstarter.com to purchase a van, allowing them the opportunity to spread their music even further.

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December 9, 2011. The Broadcast performs “The Replacement” on 11 O’Clock Rock. Watch more live performances athttp://www.knoxivi.com/eleven.

ecember 9, 2011. The Broadcast performs “Cathy” on 11 O’Clock Rock. Watch more live performances at http://www.knoxivi.com/eleven.

December 9, 2011. The Broadcast from Asheville, NC, performs “Loving You” on 11 O’Clock Rock. Watch more live music at http://www.knoxivi.com/eleven.

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