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While I don’t get down on the heavy metal scene, I do give Detroit Lions guard Leonard Davis mad props  for “slappin’ da’ base” in Free Reign, along with Marc Colombo, offensive tackle of the Dallas Cowboys. Many of the Lions don’t even attend concerts, ever… So it is very refreshing to discover that Leonard has made music a priority in his life as the bassist in Free Reign.

Leanard is a big mother f’er, and I really didn’t picture him on stage, but now that I do, I reckon he rocks the shit out of it. Leonard was kind enough to give me a packaged album, and even though he didn’t mention it was his band, I respect his hustle. I have been talking music with the Lions as part of my Team Cool Jamz initiative; Leonard cited Free Reign as a band he loved listening to, to get pumped up before games, or workouts.

It’s a pretty good listen, especially if you’r into the metal scene. Check it out. I enjoyed “Tragedy” the most. I’m most impressed by Colombo’s efforts to have Free Reign play a Dallas Cowboy halftime show. I like your style Mr. Colombo.

Listen to Free Reign on MySpace   Read a Q&A with Mark Colombo


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