By Dan Hilbert

I remember your wedding day that look in your eye

Called you Mom for the first time and you started to cry

You loved me already and I didnt know why

You still do to this day, even though I got high

You offered me help time and time again

I said yes this time, Im ready for the end

Your already a great Mom, thanks for being my friend

We went to the beach and sat in the sand

Didnt say much, just chilled and held my hand

Watching the waves I felt rich, just won eight-hundred grand

You offer me freedom, a second chance at life

Gonna give you some grandkids, gonna find me a wife

My minds feeling sharp like the edge of a knife

Recharging my batteries, gonna jump start my life

Blasting back into life like a shot from a gun

Im positive if I stick to it, my life can be fun

Ready or not, here comes your pain in the ass son

Gonna use my degree, want to be someone special

Land my dream job, time to realize my potential

I know that this roads not gonna be easy

Like a Miami Hurricane things might get a little breezy

There might be some times you wanna shake me and squeeze me

I just gotta remember one thing, Take it Easy

I thank you again for giving me this chance

On my wedding day I promise you a dance

Whenever you want, the song of your choice

Ill be thankful and greatful, together we can rejoice


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