By Kevin Alan Lamb

Fleeting light gives way to-night

The freedom of flight forces an often painful foresight

Burdens are born that could beseech less brazen beings barren

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

Not bravery, rather bribery from the start; both blessed and cursed by a heart on his sleeve he was conceived wearing; with too much blood to gush; thrust into a constant endurance of a crippling visceral feeling which for miles of men, would prove too much; but with the devil he made a deal; in trade for a better world he must conceal every breath, tear, and scream he did feel

Nobility proves to be born not in blood of kin, rather blood spilled and returned to the earth, to protect even the cursed, because species can never outgrow its worse; connected like a mother and her child; the Navajo and the wild; life, and a smile

A soldier entering a war, wed, is weak; his love, though an inspiration, makes him susceptible to his enemies while he sleeps; because in love, even a soldier dreams; and while he finds his love in his sleep, he believes he is safe; and a safe solider is already dead

Somewhere in-between his heart and head he must be led

The spectrum of human emotion all too often dictates we exist in the red

Chasing shooting stars, erasing deepening scars; convincing a part of ourselves we are different from who we are

Vulnerability is not inviting but enlightening, frightening, and heightening of every morsel of senses dictated by the organ in our torso

Our greatest strength is our greatest weakness; like the front running horse that falls dead when his heart explodes in the Preakness

A fine line between the emotions encapsulated in the strife of apathy and ardor; cancer, and martyr; giving up and enduring farther

Above the ground but beneath the kingdom in the sky is where my mind is tonight; I may not always be the front line, but you better believe I will never flee from the flight.

I couldn’t stop listening to this song while I was writing this; or thinking of the girl who changed everything by changing nothing.


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