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By Dan Hilbert

Wake up around noon already feeling like shit
Told myself last night that’s a wrap this is it
Did the last one, promised myself I would quit
Then the thought starts to creep, well maybe just a little bit
Fight it for a while, eat some lunch drink some coffee
Distract myself with TV but my mind isnt free
I wish the demon inside would just let me be
Havent made any calls yet but lets wait and see

Sitting on the couch right around two o’clock
Chilling channel surfing then all of the sudden, knock knock
Tommy stops by to chill, he was just down the block
Now my wheels are really spinning, man what a cock
Nah man I cant, I have enough money for none
Come on make the call dude ill throw you more than one
I don’t have much cash but see if I can trade him my gun
Just pick up the phone, you know well have fun
Alright wheres my phone, lemme see, ill make the call
This is just the beginning of my daily downfall
Alright sweet were good lets go meet him by the mall
He said go around back by the Mens Big and Tall

Well now it’s a wrap, decisions already been made
If we give him this gun, I wonder how many he’ll trade
Here comes the chills, creepy crawlies, feeling wont fade
Feeling like someone turned up the Heat, Dwayne Wade
Get a call from my babe, she stole thirty bucks
Damn only enough for two that really sucks
Stop by her work to go pick up the loot
Shes all pissed off, ready to give me the boot
Head back down the road to meet up with Roy
Its weird, when I got cash is the only time hes my boy
Im playing this game like a little kid with his toy
But unlike a little kid, theres no hope theres no joy

OK turn in here then bare to the right
Hes probably in the same spot he was in the other night
Yea there he is I already see his ride
Parked all out in the open like theres nothing to hide
He sees us pulling up, hops right out the truck
Damn look at his waist, hes strapped too just our luck
If hes got a full bottle this dudes about to get stuck
Ill pull the trigger first, I really don’t give a fuck
Roy motions for me to walk around back towards the bed
Pulls the heat first and points it straight at my head
Looks me right in my eye and this is what he said
Wassup you little bitch are you ready to taste lead?
My mind starts to race, I don’t wanna be dead

Nah man just chill, relax, drop the piece
I gotta be an uncle for my newborn niece
Even more than that I want my own kid
Come on bro, this aint right, im trying to live
He looks down for a second like hes starting to think
Made the decision quick before he could even blink
Took a step to the left, with my right hand grabbed the nine
Whos in control now bitch, empty your pocket that shits mine
Tommy hops out the ride, now hes standing on the other side
Don’t pull no shit Roy cuz its about to get live
Take it out your pocket, gimme the whole bottle
Hopped back in the car and hit it full throttle

Thought the danger was over, I was in the clear
Only now would I know what its truly like to feel fear
Felt Tommy press the gun directly to my left ear
Take that bottle out your pocket now, give it here
Whats this all about man, I thought we were in this together
He replied- me and you in cahoots, yea that’ll be never
It is what it is bro, don’t make it a big thing
Don’t wanna attend your funeral, think of the drama that would bring
Parents and friends crying, someone trying to sing

Reached in my pocket like I was handing over the stash
Just chill out man, throw the gun up on the dash
The next sequence of events like a scene straight outta MASH
Thought it would be a good idea to make the car crash

Lights, sirens, mayhem, now Tommys life is over
None of this woulda happened if I was living life sober
Its all I can think about, sitting behind bars
Living the rest of my life, facing a murder charge


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