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By Dan Hilbert

We admitted we were powerless over our addiction

Powerless, yea had my ass beat into submission

UFC bad boy style, wearing a shirt that said Affliction

Barely even left me with a single pot to piss in

Ruthless, relentless, powerful and with a vengeance

Up to no good, only terrible intentions

Its ok though, time to humble up, acceptance

Never forget, but move on, no need for repentance

Used to chill in Hell everyday, now feeling the warmth of Heaven

Felt like there was an assassin on my tail, Lucky Number Sleven

In every way our lives had become unmanageable

Lost everything, not just all the things that were tangible

Car, job, money, even Moms gold

Anything at all that could be bartered traded and sold

Woke up one morning, decided to fight back

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, constantly under attack

Time to get rid of those feelings, heartless, loveless

If that shit was Mike Tyson, call me Buster Douglass

Dropped it to the mat, tenth round TKO

Cant believe whats unfolding, live from Tokyo

If you keep doing what your doing, you end up with what you got

Stayed locked inside my home, drinking, smoking pot

Wound up way to tight, tied up in a ruthless knot

Excited about the future, bought my ticket to the dance

By Gods blessing, been given a second chance