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By Dan Hilbert

Been asked to come aboard by the Dictator of Diction

Spittin real talk this is fact not fiction

Not quite sure what my purpose is, acting like a man on a mission

Striving to achieve now, not just hoping and a wishin

Dictators of Diction representing from Detroit

You hear that Em? Lets get it now boy

Collab on a song about surviving, up and rising

Good shits on the way just over the horizon

A lot of todays rappers, they think that they’re ballin

In reality just trippin, like DMX they slippin they fallin

A car that wont start, filled up with poison, engine straight stallin

Fall to your knees, baby style, start crawlin

Open up your ears, listen to Shadys discovery

The message is clear, life is good in recovery !

Used to wish death upon myself, props to 50 Cent, Many Men

When I pick up today, get diarrhea of the pen

I don’t have to go back to that life ever again

Now Im searching for change, a dime, perfect ten

Not necessarily lookin like a chick from the Playboy books

No matter how fine, she only gets a 7 for her looks

Bump it up to a solid 8 in the kitchen if she cooks

9 if she knows the board, playing chess moving rooks

Up to a 10 if it feels like magic when I kiss her

If that’s the case, like Michelle says, Im in big trouble mister

Want a Full House, double trouble, baby brother and sister

Gonna chill though, throw all that on the back burner

No longer flying around, dirty bird, Michael Turner

Calmed it down quite a bit, not hunting anymore

Trying to be prepared for whatever life has in store

For me, let it be, whats next we will see

Tired of being on the sideline, A-Pete busted knee

Lucky to be at a place where I can chill, live free

Used to run around obsessed, causing my own stress

Today Im truly blessed, inside no longer a mess

Expanding my vocabulary filling my book with words like Webster

Killing it with these rhymes, homicide, call me Dexter

Shooting for the Hall of Fame like Magic, showtime, L A Laker

The match is over, tombstone piledriver, Undertaker

The last line is coming up so shut up and listen

Serenity is possible to achieve thru addiction

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton


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