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By Aaron "Three" Coleman

the poems of children decorate the cradle [of civilization]. We settle inside. All rest assured

of only one championed clarity – that there is love

here – when we are afraid, deep breaths guide us through the fibers of our lungs, commit
us to the whisper in their rattle, the bowling over of [hesitation] vocal chords stretched thin then

for meaning, with the most human claw; the oxygen in the brain
giving back its best self; its byproducts, its questions, its carbon, its dioxide;

Why does one leave the cradle? What [of us] runs away?
Why does one move [dodge, come through, overcome, come over]? Where

does one find strength [in the moment]? What is the cradle? What
do we cradle? And searching through

our tattered homes, what plows into the psyche? [and through our roots]
What sows instinct? What sings [so absolutely] of who we wholly, only are?

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Photo Credit to Eric Hampton


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