Ankles as stern as cement. Unmovable.

Founded in the golden brass steps of Jesus’ feet.

What impossible shoes to fill, yet and still, the limbs labor to produce fruit of wisdom, as the limbs learn to make wisdom fruit. All for the Glory! All for the story which shall be called the Book of Life. Prestigious names. The names of those who stood alone. Those who stood ‘strong’ alone! At times, the call of a leader would demand that each one stand ALL alone. These people become individual islands. A body of matter, a body of mass, a body of land. Founded, grounded, and cemented as the statue of liberty. In this new city they cultivate a new state of mind. They stand erect to exemplify psychosomatic liberty. Holding the light for all those witnessing. A fixture of freedom, in a country of captivity.

By Kyle Williams

These little lands are separate like Hawaii but retain reciprocity. Some get edgy yet remain like Maine, and never find peace being a piece of the puzzle.

I offer you one hint: In inner peace you find the key which unlocks the door for you to enter peace.   And I offer you one tip: Those who stand strong alone will never fall together.

The credo sanctifies the pursuit of one’s self but an angelic guide will always lead one to two others. And these three brothers shall each find someone to become one with. One organism designed for multiplication and not division. This organism will learn to subtract the addiction of narcissism and never look back for Sodom and Gomorrah taught forward vision.

Stand Strong Alone, never abort the mission!

To be continued…

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