Founded in 2003, La Blogotheque has produced 326 Take Away Shows. 

La Blogotheque is a musical blog, published by the association Blogothèque. For most bloggers, we found ourselves together because we love music, we love to share, discuss, and because we thought that there was no one place to hold together all these commonalities on web. A weblog with many contributors is it still a blog? Would not it be better to call webzine? Both are legitimate questions. The answers are respectively “yes” and “yes and no.”

Yes, Blogothèque is still a weblog, even if only by the chronological organization of the articles. Also because it relies heavily on links, it sends you often forage elsewhere. Also because it often talk about music from a very personal point of view, has very rarely claim journalistic privilege for the narrative and (I love that word, sorry), sharing.

Yes, Blogothèque is a webzine. But a suitable internet webzine. Do not bother, we are told, to a site to publish reviews and interviews. Many other webzines that are already very well, better than we would ourselves. More importantly, we value above all being on the web …

Internet is a place like no other and discover music. Smart labels offer legal mp3 of their artists, Internet radio broadcast playlists dream, madmen we are unlikely to discover artists, youth groups settled there for them to know before being signed.

We tend today to consider the relationship music / internet with Manichaeism bothers us. On the one hand the evil record companies who only think bully consumers, the other peer-to-peer touted as a place of freedom by some, as a place of looting by others. We do not we move in this broad debate.

We just want to show that there are other ways, it is now possible to discover new music legally over the Internet. And the web has become, thanks to webzines, blogs, communities, the best way to revive a way of relating to music, pread the music that tends to disappear: the transmission, inspiration, advice friend …

The weblog and news will be the two sections where we will guide every day to listen to this music. And we are not afraid to fall dry. We will keep in mind weblog, letting us on favorites or rants. Items, they will be the place where you endira more.

The MP3Blog, we offer every day of the pieces we aimomns particular nuggets of our respective clubs. These mp3 are not available legally, so we let them do that online soon. We expand a little the right to private copies to give to our readers want to buy music to which they would not necessarily gone a priori.

Urgency is Advised

Saul Williams came to us. He wanted to be filmed in Paris Catacombs. Not the official, clean ones. He wanted to go in the dirty, tough, cold and humid network of underground corridors. He thought we might be crazy enough to accept the challenge.

We were crazy enough.

Directed by Colin Solal Cardo
Sound and Mix by François Clos
Edit by Julie Salon and Colin Solal Cardo
Production Assistants : François Clos, Jonathan André
Catacomb Guides : Arnaud Martens & Thibault Lefranc


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